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Fossil fuels are getting more and more difficult to locate and exploit. Processing fuel fossils is also a highly pollutant process which brings tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Within this context, finding alternative energy resources is no longer a prospect but an immediate necessity. Numerous companies are involved in researching new, eco-friendly resources as well as the adequate machines to process them.

Biomass refers to any living or recently dead biological material that can be used as fuel. In relation to the concept of alternative energy resources, biomass may be representing either plant grown for the purpose of becoming biofuel or waste material of the agricultural activity. It is obvious that turning waste into fuel instead of landfills is the better alternative. But combusting biomass can be a very dirty process and therefore the concept of biomass gasification has come into play.


Biomass gasification is the proof that alternative energy resources can produce fuel which is non-pollutant. Biomass gasification is a process that converts the organic matter, biomass, into carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and carbon monoxide. Biomass is gasified without combustion at high temperatures resulting in a new gas called syngas which is considered itself a fuel. Using biomass as a fuel to create a new fuel is considered one of the alternative energy resources.

People use electricity for almost everything in their life. No one can nowadays imagine life without electricity. Electricity powers all kinds of equipments. If new solutions could be developed to power these equipments without using so much electricity, they would decrease the use of traditionally produced electricity and thus the environmental impact of burning fossil fuels to produce electricity. A vapor absorption machine is an example of such a solution.

A vapor absorption machine uses heat sources to provide the energy needed to power a cooling system. Heat sources may include kerosene fueled flame, waste heat from factories, and so on. The principle is very simple and very smart considering that practically heat is wasted in almost any environment. Using heat to produce cooling is one of the great breakthroughs of modern technology. Solutions such as the vapor absorption machine may be considered themselves as alternative energy resources and the vapor absorption machine can, without a doubt, be utilized in almost every economical sector.

A way to stop polluting the earth is to use less pollutant materials. Agriculture is the foundation of the economy, feeding the world population. But agriculture depletes the earth of its resources and poisons it with chemical fertilizers. Whatever gets in the ground, gets in the water, and what gets in the water, gets into people’s bodies. The Herbagreen fertilizer is a new generation fertilizer which does not treat the soil but the leaves of the plants. Leaves are feeding the plants and that is why Herbagreen is so important. Instead of damaging soil with chemical fertilizers, Herbagreen uses tribomechanical activation, an advanced milling technology, to create particles small enough to penetrate the leaves of the plants. Herbagreen is developed strictly on minerals and its production and use have no damaging effects on the environment.

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