By Grace Florencia Manalili

Most entrepreneurs already have their hands full with the core practices of their business. These days however, if you want your business to have maximum exposure, you’ll also need online marketing which includes having your own website. Of course, you will need to write content for your site. You need to write articles, newsletters, catalogues, brochures, and press releases.

While most of us know the basics of writing when it comes to grammar, spelling and sentence structure, a professional writer can help you create an excellent company profile. He or she can also help you optimize quality content that will help you expand your market share and increase your sales.

Before making the decision of hiring a writer however, there are certain things that you need to know:

1. Know Your Specific Needs

Why are you hiring a press release writer? Do you plan to plan to have the writer write anything else, other than the press release? You have to be specific with what the writer needs to do. Otherwise, you may have unrealistic expectations and this may lead to misunderstandings and frustration for both you and the writer.


2. Be Honest

When you’ve identified your specific needs, you have to discuss these with the press release writer. You should be upfront with all your expectations especially with the project’s timeframe. If you set false deadlines just to have the press release delivered to you earlier, this may result to a release that is not of the quality that you would like. Besides, if the hired writer will come to realize that you’ve set a false deadline, this may cause a rift between you because it shows your lack of trust in your employee.

3. Hire a Creative Writer

Businesses need to enhance their image by means of unique and interesting content that is easy for consumers to read. With thousands of press releases being sent to media, you need to hire somebody really creative – somebody who can make your business stand out through the press release/s that he/she is going to write.

The best way for you to gauge a writer’s creativity is to ask for samples of his/her past work. Maybe, it would be even better if the writer has references.

4. Professionalism vs. Cost

If you want a writer who can deliver a great press release in a timely manner you have to hire the best. Since you want the best, expect to pay a higher rate. Professional press release writers cost more because of their skills and experience in the field. You can hire other writers to do your press release at a lower rate but as the saying goes, ‘You get what you pay for.’

People in different professions tend to learn as much as possible in their craft. In many cases, these people help others become successful in their field. Just like dancers, for example – although they have the grace and ability to move their bodies in certain ways that others can’t, they have dance instructors or choreographers who teach them the dance steps. These instructors make them perform better and thus, they become more successful in their performance. The same is true with writers. They are there to help entrepreneurs with written communications to help them succeed in their business.

No matter how intelligent or skillful you are, nobody can do everything – especially if that person is a busy and successful entrepreneur. A successful business owner knows when to do things himself and when he needs to outsource to someone who is specialized.

If you want media to notice your business by means of press releases, you need to hire a professional press release writer.

About the Author: Grace Manalili is a writer for PressDr’s Public Relations Blog. She frequently blogs about press release writing and other online media relations concerns.


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