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After recent developments in the field of visual communication, there is seen to be more emphasis on visuals rather than on texts. People no longer assess products by relying on texts of advertisements but rather they evaluate the manufacturing company through its advertising work to see if it is conscious of quality. An advertising or promotional campaign of high quality will automatically improve the corporate image of the company as having a perfectionist team which is aware of and strives for quality. The product concerned is then accepted as a good quality product by the public.


Digital product photography for advertising and promotion campaigns is a real challenge when it comes to providing most information about a product with solely a photo and with very limited text. Finding an expert product photographer who will produce stunning and expressive HD product photos of very high professional quality is already a stressful work because the more expert the photographers are, the better the product photos will be and the costlier the photographer’s services will be. This results in the costs of production rising up like a rocket. All companies are in fact seeking to reduce production costs while keeping high quality in mind. Today with an advance in technology, it is possible to create professional HD product visuals without any help of professional photographers or any skills and knowledge in HD product photography. Digital HD photo studios provide all the solutions to companies’ needs of HD product visuals e.g. digital HD product photos and interactive product animations in the Flash format like the 360 degree animations and 3D animations. One such HD digital photo studio is the PackshotCreator

digital photo studio which allows the creation and editing of still and animated visuals. Containing a vast range of products, the

PackshotCreator digital workstation

has models to suit the different needs of companies. It has digital photo studios capable of creating only high quality product photos to all-in-one models capable of creating HD product photos to product animations in 360 degrees and 3D.

HD digital photo studios come as blessing from technology to companies wishing to engage in quality advertising and also aiming to reduce production costs. The digital product photos and product animations created by digital workstations do not lag behind in any angle from those taken or created by expert photographers. Hence, quality is in no way affected. With optimum light settings to prevent cast and form shadows, all the details and characteristics of a product are enhanced and the product is ultimately glamorized in the photo. The end result is a very appealing product photo or animation which not only aces on the aesthetic level but equally on the communication level. With emphasis laid on the product’s physical details, the product photos or product interactive animations become very expressive and communicate more easily with viewers to provide the necessary information about the product or company and also entice the viewers to try and buy. On the economic level, HD digital photo studios help decrease production costs. Instead on investing recurrently on expert photographers to create image banks, digital photo studios require only one investment (buying of the photo studio). The HD photo studio can then be used till the end of its service life to create innumerable banks of visuals in greater quantity and in lesser time than takes the conventional methods. Also, creating of photos and animations can be done by anybody, with or without any knowledge in photography or creating Flash animations. Hence, anybody can take charge of creating the visuals and ultimately there can be no additional labor costs. In the end, costs of production for product visuals are greatly decreased while productivity and workflow of the company are increased. HD visuals of products have a great impact on viewers. Good designs and aesthetics are needed in promotion and advertising campaigns which require high quality and neat visuals. Viewers are attracted firstly by eye pleasing visuals which in turn trigger the want to obtain more information about the concerned product. So, in order to boosts sales and gain more profit, it is important to create an impact on the public by using HD product photos in creative advertising works.

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