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You have decided that you want to take you spouse on a luxurious trip and that you want to stay at a 5 star hotel. You have to travel on business and you want to upgrade your accommodations to a 5 star hotel instead of the 3 star hotel that your boss wants you to stay at. The only problem, however, is that a 5 star hotel is much more expensive to stay in, for the most part, than any other hotel there is. While the higher price tag is deserved and makes sense, that doesn t make it easy for people to be able to afford it. If you re looking to afford a 5 star hotel, here are a few tips.

Tip #1: Go in the offseason

If you are planning on visiting the Caribbean during the winter, good luck finding a 5 star hotel that you can afford. Hotels are not cheap during the on season, which is what the winter months are for the Caribbean islands. People want to escape the cold, and many 5 star hotels can charge as much as they want to, knowing that people are going to want to pay the price tag. Instead of going during the busy season, find out what the off season is and go then. You ll not only find a less expensive price attached to your 5 star hotel, you ll also find that it’s quieter.


Tip #2: Look for coupons

The idea of coupons for a hotel sounds strange, but in reality it works very well. Even some of the most famous 5 star hotels have coupons available here and there to use. Some can even lower the price of your room by half! Before you book your vacation, look online to see if you can find any coupons. These coupons may save you tons of money.

Tip #3: Bundle your package

If you are going to go to a 5 star hotel, see if they have any packages available for you. Often you can bundle a package, allowing you to vacation and sight see while saving money on your 5 star hotel room. For instance, if you re going to go snorkeling, see if your 5 star hotel has a package that allows you to bundle the fee for equipment and a guide with the room. This can save you money on both the scuba trip and on your room.

Tip #4: When all else fails, ask late

There is one big secret that most 5 star hotels don t want you to know: they hate having empty rooms. They would rather rent out a room for half the price than have it sit empty. If you re planning on visiting a certain area, especially during a week day, try popping into a 5 star hotel and asking the concierge if you can rent a room for a cheaper price than normal. If there are any free rooms, it s very likely that you ll be able to get a room for a much cheaper price than you ever dreamed.

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