By Robert Corter

In today’s electronic world, online training is now one of the more popular forms of learning. It’s easy to follow, most online training courses give step by step guides and the training is normally slit down into chapters, with lessons within each chapter. You can stop and start the training at you own leisure without having to sit through a 2 hour lecture.

Geographical distance is a major factor these days with learning. Once upon a time you would either have to look for your chosen course at a college on University near to you or be prepared to travel away from home. Now, you can learn from the comfort of your own home, in your own time and at a pace that suits you. And your instructor can be anywhere in the world, it makes no difference. Provided you have an internet connection, the world is your oyster.

Many companies provide online training these days. In fact, whatever your chosen field of study you would struggle not to find an online course to suit your needs. And the benefits of online training are evident to both student and instructor.


For companies that provide online training, it is easy for them to keep track of their student’s progress. Any tests that are taken can be marked and the results back in a much shorter time frame than a hand written test. This gives both the student and the instructor the ability to keep track of progress much easier and any problems can be picked up on and rectified in a shorter timescale.

For those who want to turn their web content into an online training course there is plenty of software available. Learning management systems are available for purchase that can make the whole process much easier. Your online training course can be created very quickly and almost at the touch of a button.

Providing online training is as easy as picking up the phone these days. Provided you have access to certain authoring tools you can easily turn your web content into a training course. You should have access to tools such as MS Word, PowerPoint, Google Docs, any PDF generation programme and, if you require it, video content software. Any combination of these together with the software to pull it all together makes it easy to provide online training.

Video training is one of the more popular forms of training these days. You can produce your videos using any number of methods including camcorders and even phone videos. Along with pdf or word documents you can create an online training course made up of a combination of videos and presentations, and throw in a few tests along the way as well.

Purchasing a complete learning management system to provide your online training course will make the whole task easier and is much cost and time effective than trying to pull it altogether yourself. Whilst the initial cost may seem steep, the time and effort saved is worth its weight in gold alone.

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