Puerto Rico is a beautiful island located in the northeastern Caribbean Sea. It is an unincorporated territory of the United States, known for its stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. Exploring Puerto Rico is made easier with the use of a detailed and accurate map. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Puerto Rico map and discover more about the island’s geography, attractions, and famous landmarks.

Geographical Overview

Puerto Rico is situated approximately 1,000 miles southeast of Florida. The island is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and is located between the Dominican Republic and the British Virgin Islands. The main island of Puerto Rico measures about 111 miles long and 35 miles wide, making it the smallest and the most eastern island of the Greater Antilles.

The Puerto Rico map showcases the diverse geography of the island. From pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters along its coastline to lush rainforests, mountains, and caves in the interior, Puerto Rico offers a wide range of natural beauty and outdoor adventures.

Key Attractions

The Puerto Rico map helps visitors explore the island’s numerous attractions. One of the must-visit destinations is the El Yunque National Forest, located in the northeastern part of the island. El Yunque is the only tropical rainforest within the U.S. National Forest System and is home to a rich variety of flora and fauna, including unique wildlife species.

Another popular attraction is the Bioluminescent Bay, located in Vieques. This natural wonder features microorganisms called dinoflagellates that emit a glowing light when disturbed, creating a stunning blue glow in the water. Visitors can kayak through the bay at night to witness this magical phenomenon.

In San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, Old San Juan is a major highlight. With its cobblestone streets, colorful colonial buildings, and historic forts like El Morro and San Cristobal, Old San Juan immerses visitors in the island’s rich history. The Puerto Rico map will guide you through the winding streets, ensuring that you don’t miss any of the significant landmarks.

Famous Landmarks

Puerto Rico is also known for its iconic landmarks that are showcased on the map. One of the most recognizable symbols of Puerto Rico is La Fortaleza, the governor’s mansion, located in Old San Juan. La Fortaleza is the oldest executive mansion in continuous use in the Americas and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Arecibo Observatory is another remarkable landmark in Puerto Rico. This massive radio telescope, nestled in the mountains of Arecibo, is the world’s largest single-dish radio telescope, spanning over 1,000 feet in diameter. It has been featured in several movies, including the James Bond film “GoldenEye.”


The Puerto Rico map serves as a valuable tool for tourists and explorers alike, guiding them through the diverse landscapes and attractions of the island. Whether you wish to relax on pristine beaches, hike through tropical rainforests, or immerse yourself in the rich history and culture, Puerto Rico offers something for everyone.

Remember, when planning your journey to Puerto Rico, make sure to carry a reliable map with you. It will not only help you navigate this beautiful island but also ensure that you make the most of your time discovering all the hidden gems that Puerto Rico has to offer.