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After a breakup, you will be very vulnerable. Your heart is broken and your self confidence is shaken. You will jump at any chance to communicate with your ex boyfriend. Even an email, just asking how you are doing will seem like a token of love. This may cause you to answer it immediately and tell him how much you love and need him. A phone call from him will make you overjoyed and you will start crying and begging at the sound of his voice. This might surprise you, but answering his emails and phone calls will keep you from ever being his full time girlfriend again.

The usual scenario when a guy breaks up with you will be to want no contact with you at all. He will just want to be left alone and refuse any attempt you might make to communicate with him. He certainly will not call you, unless he has an ulterior motive. Of course you will be wild with excitement if he does contact you. That is what he is counting on because it will make it easy for him to play you like a puppet on a string. This might hurt, but the reason he is staying in contact with you is to use you.

He wants to be able to go out, have a good time and date other women. If things do not work out he will have you waiting patiently for him to call. This makes you nothing more than his backup girlfriend and that can be a miserable life. He will never take you out for a good time, but he will keep your hopes alive. You will be sitting alone night after night waiting for his call.


When he does call you will get all excited and nearly break your neck getting to the phone. But he will not be asking for a date, he will be just checking in to see if you are still waiting. You cannot let him play this game if you ever expect to have a relationship with him again. The only way to get him back is to wake him up and show him you are not his puppet.

The first thing you need to do is stop taking his phone calls and answering his emails and text messages. Then you need to ignore him and have no contact with him for a while. During this time, go out to a good salon and get a complete makeover. New hairdo, manicure and a tan. Next go shopping for new clothes that will accent you new look. Then get some friends together and go out hunting your ex boyfriend. Stop by the places he hangs out and let him get a good look at you and then leave.

He will not be able to believe what he just saw, but he will understand why you have not been around waiting for his phone calls. Seeing you out looking so great and having a good time without him, will make him realize he could lose you. Your ex boyfriend will see that you are no longer his back up girlfriend and if he wants to keep you it is full time or nothing at all.

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