Retirement is not the end of the road


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Retirement is a crossroads on the journey of life. Retirement speeches should reflect that fact. They should talk about choices and decisions to be made. In other words they should be positive and speak about the future.

That is not to say that retirement speeches should not focus on the past. After all the guest of honour at a retirement function has had a past that has contributed to his future. It is quite fitting therefore that retirement speeches should speak about work achievements and the friends made during those days in the office.


There will always be people who have had a special influence on the retiree or who has a special relationship with him. A good speaker will have researched these facts and will introduce them into the speech. He will talk about foibles of the retiree such as the fact that he always dunked his doughnut in his coffee at lunchtime. He will speak to of what his colleagues thought of him. They may say he was always helpful when a car had a puncture or when a computer needed fixing for instance.

So it is relevant to say these things but a retirement speech should never become maudlin or sad. It should not focus too much on the good old days. It should instead be motivational or inspirational. The retiree may have decided that he is going to play golf every day of his retirement but in a good retirement speech the speaker will speak of the many other opportunities that are available. He will speak of new beginnings and fresh starts. He will speak of travel and new business ideas. In other words he will express his jealousy that he cannot retire and have the good life for himself.

Family and friends are often present at a retirement function and it is appropriate to mention them in retirement speeches. Always remember that they will treasure any remarks that make their loved one seem valued by others.

Retirement speeches are often given by a Manager who really does not know the retiree very well. If that is the case someone should suggest to him that a bit of research about the retiree would be appropriate before he spoke. Otherwise his speech will simply be an empty formula. In almost every office there is someone who knows a lot about people. They may be called nosy but it is kinder to say that they are interested in people. Whatever about that they are definitely always good sources of information for speeches. So use them and end your speech with an envious toast!

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