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TAPPP currently provides access to more than 4,000 movies, TV Shows and music videos and over 50,000 songs from top Bollywood content providers. Swissclear Global, the parent company of TAPPP, has spent two years building a vast distribution network from which to access TAPPP prepaid cards and vouchers that now spans more than 1 Million retailers across 6 countries worldwide, reaching out to 3 Billion people.

The future for TAPPP will include Hollywood hits and movies as well as drama serials in other Asian languages Chinese, Korean, Filipino and Indonesian. But starting with Bollywood content was no coincidence, \”Indians consume more hours of movies and music than any other ethnic group in the world\” states Agarwal. India also produces more movies every year than any other country in the world at 1,000 movies and has a growing international fanbase, that now extends beyond NRI s. In India and other less developed parts of the world where credit cards are scarce and customers are reluctant to use them, Agarwal discovered an \”un-met need\” and so TAPPP was born. Online entertainment consumption increases every month in India and the timelines for taking movies online after the theatre is decreasing.


TAPPP could also play a part alongside OTT heavyweights such as Netflix and Hulu in the future. TAPPP will make it easier for these giants to go for \”market after market, an act which is currently difficult for them to do. With businesses like Netflix and Hulu that rely heavily on credit card payments TAPPP could co-exist in a mutually beneficial manner. \”When they are here (in TAPPP\’s key distribution regions) and realize that a lot of customers don\’t want to pay with credit cards, I\’ll be here to help them enable the cash economy,\” Says Sandy Agarwal.

With dwindling DVD sales globally and a number of major studios having stopped making DVD\’s altogether, a lot of services are now only available online. In 2011 revenue from OTT was estimated at between US$2 and US$3 billion and is expected to grow to a staggering US$37 billion in 2017. This is great news for services like TAPPP who provide a unique but necessary offering. \”From a content providers perspective, what I think is truly unique is that with just one integration, they are able to access the entire network that sells our prepaid cards,\” says Agarwal. It couldn t get much more simple than that and as a result TAPPP will be adding a number of new content providers in the coming months.

The future for cash is therefore not as dismal as most people would assume. In markets like Singapore, where TAPPP is based and has a vast network, the use of Prepaid cash is vital to facilitate daily cash activities such as parking. What s more, statistics show that over 30 billion prepaid cards were manufactured in 2011, that s 4 cards for every single person alive. TAPPP will continue to grow it s network across regions where prepaid cash is a way of life, where credit cards are seldom used to enable OTT entertainment online for a variety of content providers.

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