Teflon Coating: Pros of Teflon Coating on Cars


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Teflon coating is also known as Antirust Coating. Teflon coating is done on the body and under-body of the car. It is a chemical form of the Synthetic fluoropolymer. It is non-sticky as well as reduces the friction on the material and provides clear and strong protective finish to cars paint.

Teflon coating increases the ability of the surface to which it is applied. It helps to prevent the surface against the corrosion as well as wear and tear problem in the High & Low temperature. It keeps dirt away from the surface and helps to repel the water. Teflon coating is also done on a clear and sunny day like Ceramic coating.

Car detailing process should be done at the idle location like your Parking or a place where you can park your car under the roof and protect the car from direct sunlight. UV rays are harmful to the cars paint. Rinse off dirt from the cars surface with the help of water hose. You can use car wash shampoo and microfiber pads for scrubbing to get better and cleaned surface. Wash the car completely including the wheels and rims. Once the car washing is done dry the car with the help of Microfiber cleaning cloth so that water drops cant leave on the surface.

Now the surface is dried completely and you can finally start the coating process. The very first step is that shake the spray properly

Shake it properly to mix the Teflon solution before using. And after that spray it onto the paint with steady back and forth streams. Continue spraying until the entire painted surface of the car is coated with a thin film which needs to dry without disturbance. Thats why experts suggest not to work on a rainy day or under a tree.

The coating dry time will depend on the brand of Teflon coating you are using. But a few hours should do. Use a clean rag to rub off the Teflon wax. This wiping just takes off the excess. The Teflon coating that has adhered to the paint job will not come off with a light rub.


Teflon Process on vehicle

-Car Surface is Washed and after that Cleaned Completely.

-Then the full body is wiped and dried completely with the help of microfiber cleaning cloth.

-Once the full surface of the car is washed and the cleaned car is ready for Teflon coating which will be applied in lubricate form on the entire body.

-leave the surface for drying. It will take 15-20 minutes to dry. After that, the polishing will be done on the surface of the car.

-polishing can be applied in two ways: machine and hand. Experts use Rupes Bigfoot car polishing machine for the best result.

-Polishing process will take around 30 minutes for buffing. If it is done correctly it will remove scratches too.

Benefits of Teflon Coating

Car Paint will begin to shine after Teflon and even minor scratches will also be removed. Effect of the Teflon coating last shorter, around 2 months and after that it will continue to come down.

It provides a layer to prevent minor scratches and it acts as Paint Protection.

It adds a Glossy look to a car so apply Teflon coating periodically for best results.

It improves the paint life of your car if done regularly.

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