Ways To Make Money With Your VRE (Virtual Real Estate) Content Website


John Jay

Make Money With Your VRE (Virtual Real Estate) Content Website

Here are the best ways to make money with your VRE content website:

Google AdSense

Let’s explore and understand the AdSense concept as an example and introduction to monetizing your VRE content website (and one of the best ways to do so), If you don’t have an AdSense account yet, make your way over to google dot com/adsense, and click on the AdSense section.

As a general definiton of Adsense, think of it as an ad program administered by Google, where website owners can place ads onto their websites and generate and get paid on a PPC (pay per click) basis.

The ads appear on each web page based on that page’s content and are known as contextual ads. They are placed on the page by Google’s “top secret” algorithm based in part on geographical location along with other undisclosed factors.


While it is possible to make significant money on your VRE site through AdSense, remember that the rules of business don’t really change, including the internet. You should also look for other sources of revenue opportunities as it can take some time to build up a network of sites for AdSense.

Try not to waste time entertaining the ethics of building up AdSense VRE websites and what that might mean. If your purpose is to spend hours and hours creating a beautiful content website, or the other extreme, a spam filled website whose only purpose is to attract traffic and elicit clicks on your ads. It really doesn’t matter.

What really matters is that you build a VRE website that lasts.

Please read that sentence again…

A spam-filled, high bounce rate VRE website will shrivel up in a few months as the search engines apply their algorithms and weed out the junk sites (Google Slap). If you want to continue to grow and earn money over a long period of time, you will need to provide a VRE website that actually provides useful and fresh content. It will take longer to grow and initially earn less money, but the long term results will easily make up for the slower start.

A second and added benefit is that once you have established a website in one targeted niche, it can become easier to monetize new sites as you build those additional websites in the same niche. So remember this about Google Adsense, the money to be earned and being promoted by the AdSense gurus can best be gained by creating many optimized and long-term (content rich) VRE websites within profitable niches.

AdSense won’t make you rich overnight, it is supposed to bring in supplemental income from your website. Utilize multiple income sources from you site and remember that AdSense will take some time to build. The really nice part of this is once you start to build additional VRE niche websites, each small trickle of income will multiply your income stream. It can then take on a life of its own and become something really significant.

You should understand right from the start that you need multiple revenue streams from your VRE content websites. Don’t simply rely on one VRE AdSense site alone as the income derived will simply be insufficient. Make sure to add other sources of revenue from each website to monetize and fully optimize it.

Once last point on AdSense, while statistically the Google platform is the dominant player in contextual ads, don’t neglect Yahoo and Bing. They are also strong players in the market and should be considered as time permits.

Monetize Your VRE Websites With Affiliate Programs

Another terrific way to monetize your website is with Affiliate Programs. Promoting an affiliate program can take many forms but primarily you act as a salesperson on commission only status. You only get paid when you sell something. There is no “base” salary and you earn only when your link to the product gets clicked on.

How this works is relatively simple. As an affiliate, you place the link to the promoted product on your website or even place it in a PPC ad. When it is clicked and/or a sale made, the link is tracked back to you and you get credit for the terms previously agreed upon.

This usually takes place in one of two manners:

1) Pay per sale affiliate where you receive a percentage (3%-75% or more) for every sale you make that comes from your link.

2)Pay per lead affiliate where you get paid a specific amount for each lead that you send from your link when the requested information is filled in by the prospect. This is also known as CPA (cost per action) marketing.

Either or both program types can work for you and what you offer is of course, up to you. It is certainly a possibility that both types can be offered on the same website. Affiiliate status can be realized from individual sites that offer these programs (usually an obscure link on the bottom of many sites). Additionally, there are many affiliate networks available for multiple product offerings. Just do a search for them and in most cases, it is a rather simple process to sign up for.

Coninue to build those VRE content sites and begin the steady process of monetization of each one and your patience and persistence will be rewarded.

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